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Operations Terminal
    6134 W Jefferson
       Detroit, MI  48209

Rye Gentry Trucking is an intermodal trucking company based in Detroit.
Our Organization was established in 1980 by the Gentry  family and is still family owned and  operated.  We strive to provide efficient expert  solutions to the needs of our intermodal customers. Our primary services include containerized freight coming in and out of rail ramps in the Detroit area. We also offer a host of specialty services to cater to the unique needs of our customers 

When you call Rye Gentry Trucking, you call on one of the largest fleets of power units and chassis in the Detroit area, which includes specialty chassis such as heavy haulers, tri-axles and sliders to handle loads that a standard chassis cannot. 

Rye Gentry does more than just haul containers.  We are able to bring equipment to rail depots to resolve problems with loads that are overweight or that have shifted while in transit.    Our flatbeds and warehouse facility provide the tools to offer a diverse line of services including transloads, re-works and special delivery needs.

Our terminal is conveniently located in Detroit in close proximity to most of the local intermodal rail ramps and depots.  The warehouse includes a twelve door transload and sixteen thousand square foot dock storage facility.

The office staff and work crew at Rye Gentry Trucking are reliable, courteous and capable. Our drivers are trained and tested in all areas to comply with government standards.  We have achieved a reputation that makes Rye Gentry Trucking known as a first rate carrier throughout the industry.  We have been the primary carrier for some of our customers since we began serving them as far back as 1986, and have been the house carrier for several steamship lines for as long as fifteen years.

We at Rye Gentry Trucking feel that quality service is of the utmost importance and believe that our growth and success is a result of our effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

We would appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

We specialize in problem solving . . 
                                . . . We offer peace of mind!

Steven Gentry